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Call for Applications for Erasmus Mundus ME3+ Scholarships

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Applications for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship program in Environmental and Energy Management and Engineering (ME3+) are currently open. ME3+ is an integrated and innovative program that combines energy and environmental process engineering with project management, social sciences, and integrates information and communication technologies (ICT). The application deadline is set for January 7, 2024.

The academic partners of the ME3+ consortium are the University of Trento and the Free University of Bolzano in Italy, BME in Hungary, the University of Boras in Sweden, and IMT Atlantique in France.


LEVEL: Master.
DEADLINE: January 7, 2024.
FUNDING: EUR 40,000 or EUR 49,000 depending on the country of origin.
STUDY COUNTRIES: France, Sweden, Italy, and Hungary.


The ME3+ program is a two-year master’s program, entirely taught in English. It includes an academic period lasting three semesters and concludes with an industrial or research project semester called the “Master Thesis.” Each semester is worth 30 ECTS.

Three study tracks are offered to train future project managers in the integration of renewable energy and the environment (study track 1), in environmental resource recovery towards the circular economy (study track 2), and in smart cities and Industry 4.0 (study track 3). These study tracks allow students to obtain multiple degrees after validating all program credits.


The Erasmus Mundus ME3+ program is open to students of all nationalities holding a bachelor’s degree (or recognized equivalent) in a scientific or technical discipline with a specialization in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, energy engineering, or an equivalent field.

The ME3+ program also accepts applications from students with other engineering backgrounds, such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, and environmental engineering, provided they have a strong background in mathematics, chemistry, physics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics.

In addition, students must be proficient in English, as it is the primary language of instruction. No other language skills, including French, are required.


The ME3+ program offers approximately 15 scholarships per cohort, funded by the Erasmus Mundus program. The Erasmus Mundus scholarship covers the costs of the ME3+ program (participation fees, including health, stay, travel, and installation insurance) up to a maximum of EUR 40,000 for students from Program Countries (European Union countries) and EUR 49,000 for students from Partner Countries (all other countries).


The Erasmus Mundus scholarship covers the total costs of the ME3+ program for 24 months.


To apply for the ME3+ program, you must complete the online application form at this address: All complete applications will be reviewed and assessed by evaluators from the five academic partners of the ME3+ consortium. The deadline to apply for the Erasmus Mundus ME3+ scholarship is January 7, 2024.


For the application, you will need certain mandatory documents:

  1. A Europass CV, which can be created for free at this link:
  2. A motivation letter (limited to 2 pages).
  3. A copy of your transcripts (or a diploma supplement), with a translation into English by a sworn translator, for the last 3 or 4 years of higher education.
  4. A copy of your diplomas, with a translation into English by a sworn translator.
  5. A certificate of the English test or a university attestation (if applicable).
  6. 2 signed reference letters.
  7. A proof of residence (e.g., a residence certificate).
  8. A copy of the passport.

For any questions regarding Erasmus Mundus scholarships or the ME3+ program, contact IMT Atlantique at the email address [email protected].

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