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Call for 100 Doctoral Students in Artificial Intelligence in Finland

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The Finnish Doctoral Program Network in Artificial Intelligence is inviting applications for 100 fully funded PhD positions. This initiative is a collaboration of ten Finnish universities aiming to enhance research in AI and machine learning. The application deadline is April 2, 2024.

The program’s primary goal is to advance knowledge and innovation in AI through dedicated research initiatives, supported by a network of Finnish universities. This collaborative effort is designed to leverage the strengths and resources of each participating university, enhancing the research capabilities and opportunities for PhD candidates.

Research Areas Offered by the Program

Candidates can choose from several research areas, aligning their interests with the program’s diverse offerings in AI.

  1. Fundamental Artificial Intelligence Research : This area focuses on the core theories and methodologies that underpin AI, offering a foundation for advanced research.
  2. AI in Communications and Signal Processing : Research in this area examines how AI can optimize and transform communications and signal processing.
  3. AI Applications in Health Care : This field explores the integration of AI in healthcare, aiming to improve diagnostics, treatment, and patient care.
  4. AI in Engineering : AI’s application in engineering looks at how these technologies can solve complex problems and innovate within the field.
  5. AI in Language and Speech Technology : This research area investigates how AI can enhance language processing and speech technology, improving communication and interaction.
  6. AI’s Role in Society and Business : This segment explores the broader impacts of AI on society and business, assessing its potential benefits and challenges.

Scholarship Amount and Advantages

The program offers fully funded scholarships, providing financial and professional support to PhD candidates.

The Scholarships cover tuition and provide a monthly salary.

Employment terms are set according to the General Collective Agreement for Universities in Finland.

Partner Universities in the Network

The program involves ten Finnish universities, each offering unique resources and research opportunities. Each university has a specific number of available positions and contributes distinctively to the program.

Eligibility and Application Guidance

To apply, candidates must meet specific admission criteria and prepare their applications according to the program’s guidelines. They need a master’s degree and proficiency in English, Finnish, or Swedish. Each university may have additional requirements.

Before starting their applications, applicants should prepare a motivation letter, CV, transcripts, and a copy of their Master’s diploma.

Submit your applications before the April 2, 2024 deadline.

For any questions, please contact [email protected].


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