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  • DEADLINE: June 30, 2023.

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The Kazakh government is calling for applications for its scholarships program at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

A total of 490 scholarships will be offered for the undergraduate’s degree, 50 scholarships for the master’s degree and 10 for the doctoral level.

The Ministry of Education and Science manages the Kazakh Scholarships Program.

Choose your university carefully. Only a few dozen have English, French or German as their language of instruction. The rest teach in Russian or Kazakh.

Kazakhstan is one of the fastest growing countries, it has become a promising place for higher education in Central Asia. There are more than 110 universities and 28,000 foreign students in Kazakhstan.

As for university world ranking, and according to the QS ranking, three Kazakh universities are in the top 500: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (175), Gumilyov Eurasian National University (328) and Auezov South Kazakhstan State University (482). Twelve others appear in the top 1000.

About the Kazakh scholarships

LEVEL: Bachelor, Master, PhD.
DEADLINE: June 30, 2023.
FUNDING: Fee waiver + monthly stipend.
NUMBER: 490 for the Bachelor’s degree, 50 for the Master’s degree, 10 for the Doctorate.
COUNTRY: Kazakhstan.

Amount and benefits

Kazakh scholarships cover the full cost of tuition as well as a monthly stipend. The official “Call for application” has not disclosed the amount of the monthly stipend.

The scholarship does NOT cover travel expenses, housing, and medical insurance.


All foreign students with the following qualifications are eligible for the Kazakh scholarships:

  • Have a high school diploma, for the Bachelor’s candidate.
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree for the Master’s candidate.
  • And, have a Master’s degree for the PhD degree candidate.

Foreign language certificate is not required for applicants at the Bachelor level.

Candidates at the Master or PhD level, need a language proficiency certificate of one of these foreign languages: English, German or French.

The certificate is not required if a person’s native language is one of the languages listed above.

How to apply for Kazakh scholarships?

To apply for Kazakh scholarships, follow these steps:

  1. Using this list, choose a university. Click on the name of a university to see the list of its programs (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral) and the language of instruction.
  2. Once you have selected your program, go to this web address :
  3. Click on the “Submission of documents” button.
  4. Fill out the form and upload the required documents.
  5. Once your application is approved, an email will be sent to you with a link. Follow it and fill in the rest of the information.

The application form can be submitted in Kazakh, Russian or English.

Required documents

Applicants must attach scanned copies of the documents below. A notarized translation into Kazakh, Russian or English is required.


  • Passport.
  • Copy of the last university or school diploma.
  • Transcripts of grades.
  • A motivation essay (in Kazakh, Russian or English).
  • A letter of recommendation from the educational institution where the applicant studied or from the employer.
  • Medical certificate for study abroad.
  • Medical certificate confirming the absence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV infection) issued by the official health authority of the applicant’s country of residence.
  • Application form.
  • If available, an invitation letter from a Kazakh university (optional).

Master et PhD:

  • Passport.
  • Copy of the last university degree.
  • Transcripts of grades.
  • Letter of motivation (in Kazakh or Russian or English).
  • Two letters of recommendation from the educational institution in which the applicant studied, or from the employer.
  • A medical certificate for study abroad, as well as another one certifying the absence of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), issued by the official health authority of the applicant’s country of residence.
  • Application form.
  • Letter of invitation from the University of Kazakhstan (if available).
  • For doctoral candidates, a thesis research topic.

The deadline for applying for Kazakh scholarships is June 30, 2023.

For more information, contact [email protected].

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