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Master scholarships to Study in Paris, France 2021-2022

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The Paris Mathematical Sciences Foundation offers international students one or two year master’s scholarships in computer science or mathematics.

The foundation brings together around ten mathematical science laboratories and research organizations and brings together more than 1,200 researchers, including 5 Fields medalists, 17 Academicians, 120 national and international award winners. Unique in its discipline by its dimension and its scientific potential, it constitutes the largest concentration of mathematicians in the world and covers the entire spectrum of pure and applied mathematics, as well as fundamental computer science.

The selected laureates thus integrate the masters in mathematical sciences or fundamental computer science from one of the following universities or research centers:

They then benefit from a range of teaching that is unique in the world, drawing on all the skills of Parisian research laboratories in mathematical sciences.

Students who do not speak French at all are advised to arrive before the start of the school year to follow accelerated training in French offered by the foundation.

Scholarships amount

The successful candidates selected for an M1 benefit from a scholarship of 12 months the 1st year and 10 months or 12 months the second year.

The winners will receive a grant in the amount of € 1,100 / month maximum: 600 / month + a flat-rate supplement of € 500 for housing assistance only (on presentation of proof).

The Paris Mathematical Sciences Foundation also takes care of their social security coverage under the student regime and their university enrollment rights.

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For students of foreign nationality, the Foundation reserves a room at the CROUS in Paris and reimburses them the price of a return ticket per year from their country of origin to Paris (on the basis of an economic rate only).

The Foundation provides support to students and promotes their integration into Parisian life. She helps them with their administrative procedures, such as their enrollment at university, their visa application or medical care.

List of eligible masters

The candidate does not have to submit a separate application file for these masters. All the procedure is done on a single form (scholarship and master, see below for details).

University of Paris :

M1 – Mathematics and Applications
M2 – Mathematical and Biostatistical Engineering
M2 – Mathematics, Modeling, Learning
M2 – Mathematics, Vision, Learning
M1 – Mathematics, Vision, Learning
M2 – Random modeling, Finance and Data Science
M2 – Mathematics, Computer Science and Cryptology Applications
M2 – Fundamental Mathematics
M2 – Logic and Foundations of Computing
M2 – Parisian Master of Computer Science Research
M2 – General Mathematics – Agrégation

University of Paris 1 :

M1 – Mathematics Applied to Economics and Finance
M2 – Modeling and Mathematical Methods in Economics and Finance

Université Sorbonne :

M1 – Mathematics and Applications
M2 – Learning and Algorithms
M2 – Mathematical engineering
M2 – Fundamental Mathematics
M2 – Mathematics of Modeling
M2 – Probability and Finance
M2 – Probabilities and Random Models
M2 – Statistics
M2 – Preparation for Aggregation

University of Paris Dauphine :

M1 – Fundamental Mathematics
M1 – In-depth mathematics
M2 – Applied and Theoretical Mathematics (MATH)
M2 – Mathematics, Learning, Science and Humanities (MASH)
M2 – Mathematics of Insurance, Economics and Finance (MASEF)

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University of Sorbonne Paris Nord :

M1 – Fundamental Mathematics and Applications
M2 – Mathematics Research
M2 – Data Mathematics


This call for applications is open to students:

  • Having take their courses in universities outside France (Bachelor or 1st year of a master’s degree in mathematics and fundamental computer science) and whatever their nationalities.
  • As well as to students who have completed a 3rd year of a bachelor’s degree or a 1st year of a master’s degree in mathematics or fundamental computer science at one of the universities mentioned above.

Documents to be attached to the application

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Transcripts and Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s transcripts and diploma (if applicable)
  • Letter (s) of recommendation (s)

Candidates are invited to provide in their file all the elements of comparison (ranking, ranks in the competition, ranking in national or international competitions, etc.) which would make it possible to determine the level of their application; these elements must be supported by official documents.


The entire form (APPLY button below) must have been completed before the deadline of May 8, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) for the application to be valid. Letters of recommendation can be uploaded online until May 10, 2021 (11:59 p.m. Paris time).

The granting of the scholarship starts on September 1. Students in the program must be present from September 1 of the academic year in order to benefit from intensive French courses and to be ready for the various administrative procedures.

Online results will be late May and mid-June.


Applications are made ONLY via the online form (APPLY button below). No other procedure is required.

When creating their application, the candidate will receive a confirmation email with a first password which will allow them to complete their file

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The selection is based on the excellence of the academic background over all the years of the license.

Do not forget to mention in the application form (step 4) the email address of the professors who wish to recommend you. They will receive an automatic email allowing them to upload their letter.

The authors of management letters are, when possible, encouraged to provide verifiable elements of comparison.

As an exception, Beninese students are invited to also submit an application to the program of the French Embassy in Benin..

The remarks of

1- If your master is not in the drop-down list of the registration form, leave this field empty and specify your choices in your cover letter.

2- If there are not all the M2 specialization choices, leave this field blank and specify your choices in your cover letter.

3- If you have not received a confirmation email, then check your “junk mail”, your registration may not have been taken into account, you made a typo in your email. If you are unable to determine the source of the problem, contact them.

4- Your application validation did not work, did you fall back to the beginning of the form / to a blank page? We suggest you use Chrome or Safari web browser.

In case of problem, please contact the foundation on this link.


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