Russian Government Scholarships Program 2024-2025

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Applications for the Russian Government “Open Doors” Scholarships program are now open for the academic year 2024-2025. The program aims to recruit talented foreign students who would like to enroll in master’s and PhD programs in Russia. You have until December 10th, 2023 to apply.

The Russian Government Scholarships program provides an excellent opportunity for talented international students. It allows them to get early admission to Russian universities without worrying about tuition fees. This program has two parts: one for master’s students and another for Ph.D. students. Both have thorough selection processes to find the best candidates.

For the master’s track, applicants undergo a comprehensive two-round evaluation. The initial round involves a competition where portfolios are meticulously assessed to gauge academic accomplishments, research experience, and other relevant qualifications. In the second round, participants are presented with an engaging problem-solving challenge, enabling them to showcase their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

Meanwhile, the Ph.D. track has three rounds of evaluation. In the first round, they look at your academic and research background, like in the master’s track. Then, you face challenging problem-solving tasks to demonstrate your research and problem-solving abilities. Finally, you get to choose a research supervisor for your Ph.D., similar to a regular Ph.D. application.

About the Russian Government Scholarships

LEVEL: Master, PhD.
DEADLINE: September 15th – December 10th, 2023.
FINANCING: Tuition fee waiving plus a monthly stipend.
OPEN TO: All nationalities.
COUNTRY: Russia.

Eligibility Criteria

The Russian government scholarships program is open to :

  • Foreign citizens and stateless individuals, including compatriots residing abroad.
  • Those who hold a Bachelor’s degree or are in the process of completing a Bachelor’s degree program in the same year as the Olympiad, for the Master’s track.
  • Those who have earned a Master’s or Specialist’s degree in the same year as the Olympiad, for the PhD track.

What is being offered?

The Russian Government scholarships include coverage for your tuition fees and a monthly stipend. Additionally, scholars will receive the benefit of free early admission to a Russian university without the need to take an entrance exam. However, you are responsible for covering all other expenses, such as travel, food, accommodation, communication services, and medical insurance.

It’s worth noting that university accommodation is usually reasonably priced. University dormitories range from 500 RUB (7 USD) to 5,000 RUB (780 USD) per month.

How to apply for the Russian Government Scholarship?

To apply for the Russian Government Scholarship “Open Doors” submit your application via this link: The official languages for your application must be English or Russian.

There’s no need to reach out separately or apply for a specific study program. If you are selected as a winner, you will have the opportunity to choose a program within the subject area where you were awarded. Subsequently, you can pick one or even multiple universities that offer programs related to your chosen track.

The Olympiad consists of two rounds for Master’s candidates and three rounds for Ph.D. candidates:

  1. The first round involves a portfolio competition. In this round, participants are required to provide a motivational letter and proof of their educational level.
  2. The second round is a problem-solving challenge. It will be held from January 10 to January 28, 2024.
  3. In the third round, exclusive to Ph.D. candidates. It will be held from February 28 to March 18, 2024, in the form of online interviews with potential research supervisors.

Participants are required to complete their online registration using the Olympiad registration system between September 15 and December 10, 2023. During this period, participants should create their portfolios by entering the required information and uploading the requested documents into their accounts. It’s important to note that all supporting documents must be submitted in either English or Russian. If they are in another language, translations must be provided in one of the languages recognized by the Olympiad.


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