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Sophie Germain Scholarships To study in France

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The Jacques Hadamard Mathematics Foundation (FMJH) offers the “Sophie Germain” scholarships for excellence for one to two years to french and international students. Sophie Germain scholarships are intended for students who wish to enroll in one of the master’s programs offered by FMJH member institutions.

Sophie Germain Scholarships in nutshell

LEVEL : Master.
DEADLINE : January 31, 2023, at 23:59, Paris time (CEST).
FINANCING : Fully Funded.
OPEN TO  : All nationalities Without exceptions.

Amount of the Sophie Germain grants

The amount of the grant is 11 000€ net per year. Foreign students also receive a lump sum of up to €2,000 per year, calculated on a scale established according to their country of origin. This lump sum contribution is intended to cover travel expenses for one round trip within a year and visa fees.

International students will also be offered the reservation of an accommodation (individual studio) in one of the university residences close to their enrollment institution. They will also be offered a HOUSING KIT containing all the necessary household items (comforter, sheets, pots and pans, plates, cutlery…) worth approximately €100.

In addition to the Sophie Germain scholarship, all laureates receive an allowance covering university registration fees (approximately €500 for one year).

Where will I study?

You will have the choice of enrolling at the University of Paris-Sacaly or the Polytechnic Institute of Paris.

Eligibility criteria

Any student wishing to enroll in a Master’s degree in “Mathematics and Applications” (M1 or M2) at the University of Paris-Saclay or the Institut Polytechnique de Paris is eligible.

Applicants from outside the Paris-Saclay perimeter must apply to the first call for applications, especially international students (outside Europe) to facilitate the processing of their visa.

Applicants are selected based on their academic criteria, as evidenced by transcripts and letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are automatically requested from the referees indicated by the candidates upon validation of their application.

Eligible master’s programs

  • M1 Jacques Hadamard
  • M1 Mathematics and AI
  • M1 Pure Mathematics
  • M1 Applied Mathematics
  • M1 Interacting Mathematics (MINT)
  • M2 Jacques Hadamard
  • M2 Mathematics and AI
  • M2 Analysis, Arithmetic, and Geometry (AAG)
  • M2 Analysis, Modeling, Simulation (AMS)
  • M2 Applied Algebra (AA)
  • M2 Data Science (only for students who have completed an M1 at Paris-Saclay)
  • M2 Data Science: Health, Insurance, Finance
  • M2 Mathematics for Life Sciences
  • M2 Mathematics of Randomness
  • M2 Mathematics, Vision, Learning
  • M2 Optimization
  • M2 Quantitative Finance


Each academic year, two calls for applications are launched successively for the Sophie Germain scholarships of the following year:

  1. First call from October to January 31: concerns only national and international students outside the perimeter of the University of Paris-Saclay, regardless of their nationality or country of residence at the time of application.
  2. Second call from February to May 1st: it concerns only the “interns”, i.e. the students who are already studying in the Paris-Saclay.

How to apply for the Sophie Germain Scholarships?

To apply for the Sophie Germain Master Scholarships in France :

  1. Fill in the following form.
  2. At the same time, you must register for an eligible master’s degree via the University of Paris-Saclay website or that of the Polytechnic Institute of Paris.

The results are sent by e-mail to the winners approximately five weeks after the closing of applications.

For any questions : [email protected]

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