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University of Turin Scholarships for International Students

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The University of Turin will fund 5 two-year scholarships to support deserving students. The scholarships are awarded to international students who register for the 2023-2024 academic year in the first year of a master’s program.

About University of Turin scholarships

LEVEL : Master.
DEADLINE : May 2, 2023
FINANCING : 10,000 euros per year.
OPEN TO : All nationalities.
UNIVERSITY : University of Turin.

Benefits of University of Turin scholarships

A gross amount of 10,000 euros per year, including costs incurred, will be paid to the beneficiary. The scholarship will be paid in four installments (two installments per year)

Eligibility criteria

To be considered an eligible international student to apply for this call, you must:

  • Be no more than 29 years old by the deadline for the call for applications;
  • NOT to be an Italian citizen and NOT to reside in Italy.
  • Hold a valid diploma giving access to a postgraduate program obtained outside of
    Italian education system.
  • Have sent the application for the study program (s) of your interest via the Apply @ Unito platform before April 16, 2023.
  • Have a linguistic fluency in Italian or English.

Masters available at the University of Turin

The University of Turin delivers more than 60 masters taught in Italian and English. Below is the list of Masters from the University of Turin:

  1. Management
  2. Public administration
  3. Agriculture
  4. Geology
  5. Archeology
  6. Archival and library science
  7. Cooperation and development studies
  8. History of art
  9. Modern languages ​​for communication and international cooperation
  10. Biology
  11. Performing arts and multimedia productions
  12. Psychology
  13. Communication theory
  14. Advertising and communication for the public and private sectors
  15. Computer science
  16. Cultural anthropology and ethnology
  17. Economy
  18. Educational sciences
  19. Chemistry
  20. Environmental and land sciences
  21. European studies
  22. Natural sciences
  23. Nutrition and Health Sciences
  24. Environmental and forestry sciences
  25. Geography
  26. Political science
  27. Health professions of prevention sciences
  28. Health professions for rehabilitation
  29. Technical health professions
  30. History
  31. Industrial biotechnologies
  32. Industrial chemistry
  33. Modern languages ​​for communication and international cooperation
  34. International relations
  35. Modern Philology
  36. Linguistics
  37. Materials engineering
  38. Mathematics
  39. Pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical biotechnologies.
  40. Modern American and European Languages ​​and Literature
  41. Modern languages ​​for communication and international cooperation
  42. Pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical biotechnologies.
  43. Nurse and midwife
  44. Ancient philology, literature and history
  45. Philosophy
  46. Physics
  47. Development and management of educational services
  48. Agricultural biotechnologies
  49. Advertising and communication for the public and private sectors
  50. Actuarial and financial statistics
  51. Sciences of religions
  52. Sports science and technology
  53. Sports science for prevention and rehabilitation
  54. Natural sciences
  55. Social and political services
  56. Sociology
  57. Statistics
  58. Defense and security
  59. Interpretation and specialized translation
  60. Food science

Application procedures

Applications must be submitted before April 16, 2023(1:00 p.m. Italian time), exclusively through the online procedure. Anyone wishing to apply must:

  1. Log in to:
  2. Choose the program (s) that interests you and submit your application through this portal
  3. Use the application code you received when registering for Apply @ Unito, in order to complete the scholarship form, available at this link .

Required documents

applicants must provide:

  1. certification of language skills,
  2. names (minimum 2 – maximum 3) of the professors of the University of foreign origin, who can be contacted by the University of Turin to request letters of recommendation,
  3. copy of foreign university degree (e.g. license) and associated study plan (transcript),
  4. curriculum vitae,
  5. Cover letter

In the event of an increase in the funds available, the number of scholarships may increase in proportion to the budget.

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