Call for Applications for the WASCAL 2024 Scholarships

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The Joseph KI-ZERBO University in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, has announced the opening of applications for its fifth cohort of students for the Master’s in Research Program in Informatics for Climate Change (MRP-ICC) in Burkina Faso.

The Master in Research in Informatics for Climate Change (MRP-ICC) is an initiative of the Capacity Building Program of the West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL). This program is financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). WASCAL guarantees annually renewable scholarships for all admitted students. Applications are open until June 15, 2024.


LEVEL: Master.
DEADLINE: June 15, 2024.
TARGET GROUP: WASCAL member countries (see below).
FUNDING: Full coverage.


The Master in Research in Informatics for Climate Change (MRP-ICC) is implemented at the Joseph KI-ZERBO University in Burkina Faso. Its goal is to train a significant community of experts with strong skills in scientific computing and climate data management in West Africa.

Joseph Ki-Zerbo University, Burkina Faso. Copyright ©
Joseph Ki-Zerbo University, Burkina Faso. Copyright ©

By the end of their studies, students will have gained in-depth knowledge in the following areas:

  • Storage and management of climate and environmental data,
  • Data analysis techniques and provision of climate data services,
  • Operation, installation, and maintenance of HPC,
  • Software/packages for climate data analysis under current licensing,
  • Use of open-source packages for climate data analysis.


The program is full-time (24 months) and proceeds as follows:

  1. Preparatory phase (04 months): English language competency courses for Francophones and Lusophones at the University of Cape Coast, in Ghana; and in French for Anglophones, at the University of Lomé, in Togo.
  2. Lectures (14 months): comprising three semesters at the Joseph KI-ZERBO University (UJKZ).
  3. Internship/Fieldwork/Research (4 months): Students are expected to choose topics that align with the research agenda, mission, and goals of WASCAL.
  4. Final thesis writing and defense (2 months).


WASCAL will grant scholarships to all selected students in the Master’s in Research in Informatics for Climate Change program. The scholarship includes:

  • A monthly allowance to cover housing and living expenses for the duration of the studies.
  • The payment of university fees.
  • A research budget.
  • A personal laptop provided for the duration of the program.

The WASCAL scholarship is renewed annually following successful program completion.


Applicants to the Master’s in Research in Informatics for Climate Change Program must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in one of the following fields: Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Health Sciences, Meteorology and Climate Science, Geography, Biological Sciences, Geosciences, Environmental Sciences, Economics, Agriculture,

Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Electronic Engineering.

Other general requirements include:

  1. Being a citizen of a WASCAL member country: 🇧🇯 Benin, 🇧🇫 Burkina Faso, 🇨🇻 Cape Verde, 🇨🇮 Ivory Coast, 🇬🇭 Ghana, 🇬🇳 Guinea, 🇲🇱 Mali, 🇳🇪 Niger, 🇳🇬 Nigeria, 🇸🇳 Senegal, 🇬🇲 Gambia, 🇹🇬 Togo.
  2. A proficiency in English will be an advantage.


To apply for the WASCAL scholarships, fill out and download this online form: The deadline to apply is June 15, 2024.

For more details on the application process, don’t forget to check the official call for applications by clicking on the “Official Site” button.


Your application file should include 8 to 9 separate files:

  1. Copy of academic diploma.
  2. Official transcript from Bachelor’s or equivalent.
  3. Detailed Curriculum Vitae.
  4. WASSCE or SSCE certificate (Anglophone countries) or Baccalaureate certificate (Francophone countries).
  5. Motivation letter.
  6. Employer support letter (if employed) granting study leave for the two (2) year duration of the Master’s program.
  7. Copy of Nationality Certificate or State of Origin Certificate.
  8. A copy of the English proficiency test or, in its absence, a statement indicating and justifying your self-assessment in the context of English competence.
  9. Recommendation letter from one (01) referee, the letter must contain detailed functional contact addresses (email, WhatsApp) and phone numbers of the referee.

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