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Latvian State Scholarships for International Students

  • DEADLINE : 1st April 2023.

Applications for the Latvian State Scholarships are now open for 2023/2024 academic year.

The Latvian State Scholarships program is available to pursue an undergraduate, master, or PhD degree. Language of instruction at Latvian higher education institutions is mainly Latvian, however there are a few study programs offered in English. The Latvian scholarship can be awarded not more than for two consecutive years.

Financial provisions

The amount of the Latvian state scholarship for studies is:

Amount of the Latvian state scholarship
Amount of the Latvian state scholarship


Citizens from countries that have signed an agreement with Latvia or offer scholarships for Latvian citizens can apply for the Latvian state scholarships.

Evaluation Criteria

An applicant will be evaluated according to the following criteria :

  • Academic success in the last two semesters if studies are not completed yet or in the diploma.
  • Outline of how the chosen studies will improve the applicant’s knowledge and professional skills, as well as the motivation for studying in Latvia.
  • The applicant’s out-of-study activities related to the chosen study field in Latvia and his/her state (practical appointments in professional organizations, participation in research conferences and international projects etc.).
  • An applicant who has applied to studies in the field of the Latvian and Baltic philology, literature and culture or history of Latvia, will be granted a bonus of points.

Application procedure

An applicant has to register in the system and make a profile with a unique login and password:

All documents, which are not in Latvian or English, shall be translated into Latvian or English.

Latvia State Scholarships: required documents.
Latvia State Scholarships: required documents.

List of contact persons of Latvian higher education institutions (PDF)

Unified template letter (PDF)

Study plan form (PDF)

For any questions, please contact Marika Pīra (Senior Expert) at [email protected].

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