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EURECOM Excellence Scholarships Program

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The EURECOM Engineering School and research center, France, under the Institute Mines-Télecom, with the support of the Institute Carnot, is setting up the EURECOM / Carnot TSN scholarship program.

The program is open to international exceptional students who wish to pursue a Masters. Selected candidates will be called upon to start their doctoral studies, upon completing their master’s programs.

The selection of candidates is based on excellence and motivation.

About the EURECOM Scholarships

LEVEL : Master.
DEADLINE : June 01, 2022.
FINANCING : 10,000 or 5,000 EUR (depending on the quality of the application )
TARGET GROUP : Worldwide.


EURECOM is one of 205 French engineering schools training engineering students from three engineering schools: Télécom Paris , IMT Atlantique , and Télécom Sud Paris . This training is done in English.

EURECOM is part of the economic interest group (GIE) which brings together several universities such as:

  • The Mines-Telecom Institute,
  • Telecom ParisTech,
  • Aalto University (Helsinki),
  • Politecnico di Torino, Technische Universität München (TUM),
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU),
  • Chalmers University (Sweden)
  • And the Technical University of Prague (Czech Republic).

Eligible Master’s program

Amount and benefits of the EURECOM Scholarships

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the available scholarships are as follows:

    • Two scholarships, SUPER EXCELLENCE.
    • 16 EXCELLENCE scholarships

For international applicants, the program includes 2 SUPER EXCELLENCE scholarships of 10,000 EUR as well as 16 EXCELLENCE scholarships of 5,000 EUR for the full master’s degree (24 months).

The scholarship is paid to the awarded student after arriving at EURECOM (November-December 2022).

Eligibility criteria

Three criteria:

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree (license) in a field related to the relevant master’s program (computer science, electrical engineering, applied mathematics, computer engineering, etc.) from a recognized university .
  2. Minimum overall GPA score of 3.5 / 4 or belonging to the top 10% of your class (an official document issued by your university that proves that you are among the top 10% of your class)
  3. Be research-oriented: To be able to demonstrate an appetite for undertaking a doctorate – preferably at EURECOM – after the Master (a short letter explaining your motivation for research and your possible subject will be required ).

The selection of candidates and the granting of the scholarship are made solely based on the evaluation of the candidates’ academic records, their motivation, and the recognition of their university.

How to apply for the EURECOM Excellence Scholarships

All students applying for one of four masters are considered for the scholarship.

The scholarship application is made via the same online form as the application one for a Master (2in1).

However, it is necessary to specify in your cover letter that your profile must be taken into account for one of the EURECOM-CARNOT TSN excellence scholarships and to indicate clearly your GPA, your appetite for research and your university’s ranking in one of the “THE”, “QS” or, “ARWU” rankings

Required documents :

In addition to the master application’s required documents, you will also be asked to upload three (3) additional documents specific to the merit scholarship:

  1. Proof of excellence from your university (ex: screenshot of ranking web page)
  2. Your overall GPA or belonging to the top 10% of your class (a page where the information ishighlighted)
  3. A short letter describing your appetite for research and – if possible – the topic you are considering (one page maximum).

The deadline for applications is June 01, 2022.

Scholarships must be accepted within two weeks of official notification. Unsuccessful scholarships will be awarded to the next candidate. Please make sure to check your contact email address regularly.

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