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Erasmus Mundus 2023: Available Master’s Programs, Deadlines, and Application Links

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Erasmus Mundus is a scholarship and educational cooperation program funded by the European Union. It was created with the aim of promoting academic excellence and strengthening cooperation between European higher education institutions and institutions from the rest of the world.

Erasmus Mundus scholarships provide students from around the world with the opportunity to pursue internationally renowned joint master’s programs. Students complete their studies at various partner institutions, often spread across multiple European countries.

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship is worth 1,400 EUR per month for a total duration of 24 months.

To apply for one of the Erasmus Mundus programs mentioned below, you should follow these simple steps:

  1. First, start by creating your account on the application platform using the provided links below.
  2. Once your account is created, you will be able to access the application form. Fill it out carefully, providing all the required information.
  3. Finally, upload the requested documents, such as your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other supporting documents, to ensure that your application is complete and ready for review by the selection committee.

In the list below, if you would like to obtain more information about a master’s program, click on its name. To submit your application, use the “application link.” We do our best to keep it up to date!

1. Materials Science

2. Fire Safety Engineering

3. Managing art & cultural heritage in global markets

4. Hydrogen Systems and Enabling Technologies

5. European Master in Law and Economics

  • DEADLINE : 14 December 2023.
  • STUDY LOCATION : France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, and Poland.

6. Applied Cybersecurity

7. Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management

8. Manufacturing 4.0

9. Biomedical Engineering

  • APPLICATION OPENING : 1 November 2023.
  • STUDY LOCATION : Serbia, Greece, and Romania.

10. Global Environment and Development

11. Artificial Intelligence

12. Aquaculture, Environment and Society

13. Global Forestry

14. Resilience in Educational Contexts

  • APPLICATION OPENING : 1 November 2023.
  • STUDY LOCATION : Malta, Greece and Portugal.

15. Membrane Engineering for Sustainable Development

16. Functional Advanced Materials Engineering with Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability

17. Planetary Geosciences

18. Brain and Data Science

19. Service Design Strategies and Innovations

This is the end of our compilation. More programs will be gradually added in the future.


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