Scholarships in Switzerland : Currently Available Programs [Update August 2021]

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Two days ago, we announced the opening of Switzerland government’s Excellence Scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year. You guys sent us a lot of emails about this program, and most of all you asked a lot about: What Scholarship programs in Switzerland currently available for application?

When we answered with this link: Scholarships in Switzerland : The Ultimate Guide [Update August 2021], most of you did not “appreciate” it and asked us for what is available “NOW”.

So, we decided to create a little robot, a kind of “Monitor”: A Switzerland Scholarships Availability Monitor (we called it SAM).

SAM will check the official website of each scholarship program in Switzerland, and then, will update this post each time a scholarship program has changed its status.

And by the way, we’re working on an application that will notify interested students by SMS each time a scholarship program is available. At the beginning, the service will be limited to Canada and USA students only. It will be available for the rest of the world as soon as possible.

So, back to our Switzerland Scholarships Monitor, Here is a status-guide :

  • OPEN : The scholarship program is open for application.
  • CLOSED : The scholarship program is closed for the current academic year. You need to check back next year.
  • UNAVAILABLE : The scholarship program is not yet open for the current year. You need to check back later for an update.

Here is a full list (yes, a full list !) of scholarships in Switzerland and their status :

  • Swiss Government Excellence scholarships OPEN
  • ETH Zurich Excellence scholarships  UNAVAILABLE
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne Sscholarships, EPFL UNAVAILABLE
  • Master scholarships, University of Lausanne UNIL OPEN
  • Master scholarships, University of Geneva UNIGE UNAVAILABLE
  • Geneva Academy scholarships UNAVAILABLE
  • St. Gallen University Excellence scholarships UNAVAILABLE
  • IMD Business School scholarships in Lausanne UNAVAILABLE
  • University of Basel scholarships UNAVAILABLE
  • Aristotle College scholarships UNAVAILABLE
  • Les Roches Institute scholarship program UNAVAILABLE
  • Alfred Werner Fund scholarships UNAVAILABLE
  • Forté scholarships UNAVAILABLE
  • The Stewart Hamilton scholarships for women UNAVAILABLE
  • The Staton scholarship program UNAVAILABLE
  • Hilti IMD scholarship UNAVAILABLE
  • Scholarships of the Graduate Institute of Geneva UNAVAILABLE

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